Your guide to donating blood – What to know before you go?

Curious to know whether you’re eligible to donate or not? Are you asking yourself questions about the process? Here’s a great visual summary sent to us by Fix Lifestyle’s blog. You can find much more details inside their post. Thank you for the contribution! Why donate? How to prepare for a successful blood donation? What is […]

Criteria 1

Accept me, accept me not…

This is what happened when a young man went to the blood bank… “How can I forget my wonderful first experience with Donner Sang Compter a few months ago, when they had a blood drive at our campus in collaboration with the AUBMC blood bank staff?” states a young engineering student from Notre Dame University […]

نحنا مش بنك دم!

كثيراً ما تتردّد عبارة “وين بتروحو بالدمات بس تعملوا كل هالحملات؟!” على مسامع العاملين والمتطوعين لدى جمعيّة “العطاء بلا مقابل”، خصوصاً أن الطلب على وحدات الدم من خلال مركز الجمعية يأتي بحالات طارئة والدم غير متوفّر. جمعية “العطاء بلا مقابل” هدفها تحفيذ الشباب على التبرع بالدم التطوعي بشكل دائم، وليس تخزين وحدات الدم كما هو […]


A Collaboration Between DSC And The Lebanese Red Cross Is On The Way!

Today, one of ours dreams came true…. Our president just had a lovely meeting with the doctor in charge of the Lebanese Red Cross blood banks! In the coming weeks, we will sign a mutual agreement between DSC and the Red Cross! This partnership will take blood donation in Lebanon to a whole new level and […]

Diana First Donation

The Amazing Story Of Diana: From Thalassemia To Donating Blood!

Born in 1989, Diana Abou Hamia was looking to have a normal happy life, just like any other child. But 3 months after she came to life, she was diagnosed with thalassemia, and had to give up on many of her dreams. With blood transfusions in need every 20 days at the Chronic Care Center, it […]

chocolate egg

Dark Chocolate Is Your Perfect Blood Donation Remedy This Easter!

Frankly now, who doesn’t love chocolate? This Easter, we are giving you the best excuse to help you savor this sweet! “Eating dark chocolate could be the key to preventing a national blood shortage during the holidays.” The message was first delivered by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service in 2013, promoting their cause in a […]

Zika Virus

!ممنوع التبرع بالدّمّ للقادمين من هذه البلدان إلى لبنان ابتداءً من ٢٠ شباط

في ٢٠ شباط ٢٠١٦، أصدرت المديريّة العامّة لوزارة الصحّة اللّبنانيّة مذكّرة تتعلّق بالوقاية من مرض الزيكا عبر نقل الدّمّ ومشتقّاته، وتقتضي بمنع بنوك الدّمّ في المستشفيات سحب الدّم منأيّ متبرّع قادم أو أقام في البلدان التّالية منذ انتشار الفيروس: المكسيك – منطقة الكاريبي – أميركا الوسطى والجنوبية –  نتمنّى على جميع القادمين من هذه البلدان توخّي […]


Our 2015 Numbers!

In a year that saw us reach new heights with our mobile blood bank and new call center, we expanded our territories and collaborations with hospitals, and ended up with the above-mentioned numbers that we are proud of, yet not completely satisfied with. We were actually ecstatic to have received a huge number of blood demands, […]


DSC Thanks Spinneys, Renews Collaboration For 2016!

  Throughout 2015, we partnered with Spinneys on multiple blood drives, during which they offered some delicious chocolate to the donors. We even visited their branches in Jnah and Hazmieh, where we saw the great commitment of the staff to the cause. In honor of the 368 lives the supermarket helped save, and the faces they […]


Lebanon To Host The IFBDO’s 16th International Youth Forum!

We’ve been containing our excitement for quite a few months now, but here comes the big announcement! We are super proud to inform you that we will be hosting this year’s 16th edition of the International Youth Forum (IYF)! What is the IYF? The International Youth Forum (IYF) is an annual event that joins all country […]


Malik’s Lebanon – Our Only Official Merchandise Seller

Many of you have been supporting us during the last few years by wearing our bracelets or carrying our key chains with their blood type, and even sending us some wonderful proud shots that we were able to share all over our social media platforms. To date, we’ve sold thousands of them, and we’ll continue to […]

Bracelet Tutorial

How To Tie DSC’s “Blood Brother Bracelet”?

Having some trouble tying our “Blood Brother Bracelet”? Here’s a short tutorial to help you do so! All you have to do is follow the steps in the clip, and you’ll see how easy it is! 🙂 Get our bracelets and key chains at any Malik’s Lebanon branch, by clicking here.

Android App

Our Android And iOS Apps Are Available!

Not only are we available on all the social media platforms, but you can reach us through our own mobile app, meticulously crafted by the amazing Apps2you. You can find “DSC Lebanon” on the App Store if you are an iOS user, and on the Play Store if you are an Android fan. Feel free to […]


Hepatitis: who can and who can’t donate?

Everyone has caught at least one of them, if not must have been vaccinated against some of them during childhood. “Hepatitis” also know as “صفيرة“, is a medical condition during which the liver (an organ inside the body partly responsible for eliminating the medicine you take and helping enormously in the digestion process by secreting many […]