Each week in universities, scout assemblies, and shopping malls across Lebanon, our faithful volunteers man our recruitment stands to attract new donors and volunteers while raising awareness about blood donation.    Since the ideal age of blood donors is between 18 and 30, we target youth-populated areas to attract young and healthy donors.

The stands also allow us to have direct interaction with potential donors to answer questions and diminish any concerns people might have about the blood donation process.  Our recruitment stands are run by knowledgeable volunteers who are passionate about the blood donation cause in Lebanon.  Brochures are also available to explain the guidelines for being a donor as well as breakdown of the blood donation process.  In addition, you can also purchase one of our “blood brothers”, a red band with a bronze medal inscribed with your blood type.

Since 2007, our recruitment stands have helped us gain over 11,000 donors and over 300 volunteers! Our country is constantly in need of new blood donors, so sign up to be a hero!  You can also register online at our Facebook fan page or at our website.

If you are interested in volunteering to set up a recruitment stand, please contact our office at 03.314868

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