Khalil is preparing for his open heart surgery, Yasmine is preparing to give birth, Antoun gets badly hit trying to avenge his girlfriend from a mob…Their families and friends will struggle throughout that fateful night to save them, and the only way is finding blood donors: the task isn’t as easy as it seems ! Will they succeed and let their loved ones make it through the night ?

The series features more than 6 famous lebanese actors and contains 4 online episodes, 5 character background stories and the official movie.

Movie Release Date : Saturday October 1st 2011

Producer: Elie Abou Jaoude
Director : Raja Tawil
Ass.Dir: Nour Tayeh
D.O.P. : Mohammad Sabbah
Music By: Elia Haddad
Art Direction: Sahar Khoury / Cybele Haddad
Trailer By: Nour Tayeh

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