The Bulgarian tradition of Martenitsa involves tying a red string around one’s wrist for the mythical Baba Marta to end the bitter cold of winter and welcome the spring. In Hindu tradition, a red bracelet is worn to symbolize blessings and goodwill to the person it is offered to.  In ancient Chinese, the “red string of fate” is an analogy for two people who are tied together by an invisible red string.

In Lebanon, we are hoping to start our own tradition using a red string to symbolize the dedication of its bearer to the humanitarian cause of donating blood which is also useful in case of a medical emergency.

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Since launching in March 2011, over 9,000 bracelets have been purchased…you have probably seen a friend wearing one! The bracelet helps to fund the daily operation costs of DSC as well as providing us with extra funds to support appreciation activities for our volunteers and donors.  Help us join other countries in the tradition of the red bracelet while contributing to a great cause by purchasing one directly from our office, Facebook fan page. or at the following points of sale:

Points of sale:

How To WOW, Spinney’s Ashrafieh, 1st Floor.
Hala Makhlouf.
Tel: 01-207999
Cheers Club,
Christelle Younes.
Tel: 03-211420
DSC’s Office, Nehme center, facing Byblos bank.
Tel: 01-686521
Tel: 04-926925
Quartier General Des Scouts Du Liban.
Rawad Khalaf.
Tel: 03-038454
GINGER & CO, Mar Takla Square, Rabih Bou Habib, Tel: 03-228718
PHARMACIE CARLA, Mansourieh old road, Carla Traboulsi Tel: 04-533886
Zouk Highway
KOAN, St Elie center, Next to Hawa chicken, Khalil Azar Tel: 09-221245


American University Of Beirut (AUB):
Gino Raidy Tel: 03-134477

Lebanese American University (LAU):
Byblos Campus:
Yorgui Teyrouz Tel: 70-314868
Marise Chemaly Tel: 03-075130

Beirut Campus:
Carine Teyrouz Tel: 03-964212
Imad Sbeity Tel: 70-914101
Thomas Tabet Tel: 70-986752

Universite Saint Joseph (USJ):
Rana Eid Tel: 03-848592

FM Campus:
Fred Bteich Tel: 03-293133
Nadim Chemaii Tel: 70-710730

Huvelin Campus:
Lancy Harb Tel: 70-145024

Universite Saint Esprit Kaslik (USEK):
Ribal Chemaii Tel: 03-671483

University Of Balamand (UOB):
Marc Teyrouz Tel: 03-616218
Jules Sassine Tel: 03-948970

Notre Dame University (NDU):
Charbel Maroun Tel: 70-615166
Ziad Hayek Tel: 03-319201
Simon Mosleh Tel: 70-652694

Lebanese University (LU):
Roumieh Campus:
Samer Harb Tel: 70-966153

Fanar Campus:
Rana Ramia Tel: 03-800097

Academie Libanaise Des Beaux Arts (Alba)
Maya Rahael Tel: 70-111363
Sally Hrawi Tel: 71-771800

American University Of Science And Technology (AUST):
Vanessa Daccach Tel: 71-509085

Points Of Sale Abroad:

France (Paris):
Elie Abi Rached Tel: 0033760516060

United Kingdom (London):
Evita Mouawad Tel: 00447598098717
Jean-Claude Cherfane Tel: 00447502234846

Canada (Montreal):
Karl Asmar Tel: 0015144515658
Rime Coudsi Tel: 0015145737463

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