Every Tuesday evening, the DSC office is filled with faces old and new as our volunteers gather to work together on projects, discuss past and future activities of the organization, celebrate special events, and to simply spend time together.  These weekly gatherings are a great way for people to get to know each other, especially the newer members of ever growing volunteer list. We like to call it “Permanence”.

One of the main activities that take place at the Tuesday permanence is work on pending tasks.  From the web team working on updating the website to the medical team preparing disease-specific brochures for potential donors, there is a constant flow of work to be done…and our volunteers are up to the challenge!

Being a talkative bunch, the group gathering is a great way to discuss past and upcoming events. The evaluation of past events helps us better understand how we can better grow as an organization while allowing us to share recent, and often funny, memories.  Preparation for future events in a group setting is ideal for getting multiple perspectives as well as allowing for a participatory decision-making process.

Mostly, “Permanence” is a great way for everyone to catch up on the weeks’ activities, celebrate birthdays, laugh and spend time together.  It’s like a productive party every week.  If you are interested in joining us, feel free to pass by our office in Dekwaneh every Tuesday evening after 7pm….we would love to see you!



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