Donner Sang Compter is a key player in an issue which has been plaguing Lebanon for many years now. DSC acts as a link between healthy donors, and patients in need of blood. Despite the basic and obvious necessity of such an organization, the existing institutions that deal with this issue had serious shortcomings. At this point, I would like to salute the Lebanese Red Cross and their blood bank, which has and continues to save lives of thousands of people each year, and makes sure Lebanon has enough blood to keep it going, God-forbid any disaster may befall us. Read my post about the DSC, which I am a former board member of, and current active member in, here.

Since then, DSC’s success has skyrocketed, and at the end of March, we’re preparing a MASSIVE surprise for you all, which will be very visible, everywhere… (can’t say anymore now =P)

Anyway, I know that most of my dear readers are donors and volunteers with DSC and that this post is not a call for action, but merely a friendly update about what’s new and our latest fundraising project.

After a string of successful events, from Joe Kodeih’s “Ashrafieh” to Robin Hood’s Avant Premiere and “The DJ Saved My Life” at The Basement, we’re launching the Blood Brothers Bracelet. This engraved bracelet is available for all 8 blood types, with the blood type on one side and the DSC logo on the other.

Apart from being insanely cool, this bracelet might come in handy in case any of us is ever in trouble (hopefully no one, and never) the paramedics and doctors will have no problem knowing what your blood type is, instantly, if need be. At the end of the day, the proceeds of these bracelets will go to fund our blood donation NGO, which relies on donations and fundraising to stay afloat and successfully fulfill our immense responsibilities.

The price is just 5,000 LBP and readily available for anyone interested =)

All you have to do is pass by our offices in Dekweneh, or call/sms 70314868 or 03128824 and they will put you in contact with our university representatives or closest volunteer (including lil’ol’ me at AUB)

Thank you for your support everyone =)

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