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Donner Sang Compter is the NGO this blog has adopted since its conception, and on Sunday, that very same NGO got into the world record books!

Donors, volunteers, friends and even people whose lives were saved thanks to someone’s selfless gift of blood flocked to my alma mater, Saint Joseph School Cornet Chehwan. Upon entry to the school grounds, participants signed up and got their red t-shirts.

Inside, plenty of stands made sure the hot, sunny day went by faster. Refreshments, cakes and muffins replenished the tummies of volunteers, as well as the people who donated blood on the spot for the St Jude’s Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon at AUBMC.

Billboards and banners with photos of past events, donors and DSC volunteers (including of course me on virtually every one =P) were scattered everywhere with DSC’s mascot hopping around and making for awesome photo-ops!

A truck-load of blood for the CCCL wasn’t the record-breaker though! At noon, all those present went onto the greenfield and sat in the booth. After several innovative crowd-wave patterns, the football-match atmosphere gave way to an orderly, single-file procession that made up the massive blood-drop shape.

Dozens of cameras were capturing the historic moment. A massive winch caught the frontal shots, but I was standing on the roof of the middle-school building. Here are the shots I managed to take.

Also, on the behalf of the DSC team, I’d also like to thank each and every one of you who showed up and made this day a success!

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