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At least 32 new donors enrolled with DSC on Sunday evening, after the collapse of the residential building in Ashrafieh. Donner Sang Compter immediately mobilized its donors to help all those who were in need.

Even though only 2 patients out of the 11 who were injured needed blood transfusion, we made sure that many donors made their way to the hospitals in case of any emergency.

Various local TV channels spoke about the blood needed so there was certainly panic amongst the people but we made sure the patients in need immediately received blood transfusion.

Sadly, 27 people were killed and at least 11 were wounded on Sunday when a residential building collapsed in the Fassouh neighbourhood of Achrafieh.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victimes, their parents and loved ones.

Let’s not wait for disasters to understand the importance of blood donation. The need is constant, make it a good habit: Give blood regularly!

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