“I really thought I might not make it…”
Today, on Valentine’s day, I did something I thought I would never ever do. I donated blood for the very first time!

When I first registered to be a blood donor, I never really believed that I would have the  courage  to actually donate, but when I got the call yesterday asking for O+ blood I knew I had to do it.

As I entered the room, the nurse explained to me that she had to run a test to check if I could donate, and told me “It’s preferable for guys to donate blood and not girls.”  When the test results came back it was clear that I could donate.

As she was inserting the needle in my hand, I looked away as I always do.

During the 6 minutes that the procedure took, I didn’t feel a thing! It went well!

Positive for the future
I was happy to participate in saving another’s life. Furthermore, I was holding a heart-shaped stress ball, which made the spirit of Valentine come alive. 
When she finished I felt a little dizzy, my body was shaking, but it was a great experience!

The Nurse and my father who was also present told me never to donate again. However I know I will! 😉

Thank you DSC !

What better than donating blood for the first time on a particular day?

We’re sure Tania will never forget this memorable day, the day she shared some love, not only with her charming prince, but also with a person she had never met before!

Way to go! 🙂

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