Why don’t you try it?

Money isn’t everything.. There’s something more important than money, clothes, shelter and food.. It’s blood..

We don’t need to have a medical degree to save lives.. We just need a fair degree of humanity..

Why don’t you try to do the simple act of giving blood?

Stop making excuses.. Start spreading love! Start saving other people’s lives!

Be a regular blood donor!

Past thoughts, first experience

When I was young, I was scared to see needles.. And of course, I was scared about the pain it would give me..

It was only when I turned 18, when a friend of mine invited me to join him as he donated his blood, that everything changed..

Lots of question were running through my mind.. I was totally nervous just by thinking that they’d get 500cc of my blood!

But eventually, he convinced me to join him! And it was great! It made me feel so proud!

Present reality

Since then, I started to be a regular blood donor.. and I’m enjoying it!

There is such a feeling of joy when you give the gift of blood… the gift of life!

We need to donate blood, there are so many people who need our help. Blood is in us to be given.

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