Weight at the limit

I was always curious to try and donate, yet when reading the requirements faced the same problem over and over again.

My weight was just over the limit for a guy (62 Kg, the minimum required being 60Kg) and I was always told I couldn’t donate in this case, until one day…

My first experience

A platelets demand was requested and the person’s family had a hard time finding somebody to fulfill it. I happened to be of the same blood type needed so I told myself: “This is my chance, why not try it since I met the criteria at least, but only just!”

Encouraged by my teammates at the DSC office, I went in to the hospital’s blood bank. When I showed up, the nurse looked at me and said a bit shocked “Are you the one who’s willing to donate?” I nodded.

Test results came in, and he couldn’t but grab me and say “Who said skinny (not that much in fact!) people don’t have a good health?!”

In fact, my blood test was excellent with a hematocrit (ratio of volume occupied by red blood cells/volume of blood) level at a high 51% (N: 40-53 depending on laboratory values) and platelets in the normal range too!

“You’re coming for a platelets demand? I cannot but take blood too since we’re in need! Respect!”

I stood there a bit confused, since I hadn’t eaten all morning long (like for the last 10 hours or so) and now they wanted me to give platelets AND blood at the same time, for my first time?! A big challenge …

I was scared at first, but finally gathered my forces and faced it!

Everything went smoothly and I felt extremely fine afterwards, except for some tingling for a couple of minutes, which was normal since I hadn’t eaten recently.

An Advice for life

I couldn’t but remember that day with a smile. I was so proud of myself and nowadays, every time I’m asked to do it I cannot but tell the nurse to drain blood and platelets, no matter what the donation initially I’m in for is.

Trust me, nothing is worth the joy and relief you see on the family members’ faces and that touching sentence which was said to me during one of my donations, that makes me keep on doing what I’m doing: “لو منكن إنتو الشباب شو كنا منعمل؟” which means “Hadn’t it been for young people like you, what would we have done?”.

Think about this if ever you’re still hesitant: imagine yourself on the other line desperately in need of blood to save one of your family members begging people to donate, would you then consider it twice to save a life? I’m not sure!

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