Well, I was about to take my afternoon nap when I got a call from DSC that a patient at AUH needed blood.

AUH is 5 minutes away from home so I got dressed and went to donate blood.

The 5-minute walk felt like an hour since more than 1000 thoughts suddenly came to my mind.. I was worried since I’ve never donated blood before.

When I reached the blood bank I sort of felt better and I kept telling myself that this would help save a life and that idea is what pushed me to suck it up and go through with it.

Once all the tests were done to make sure I was able to donate, I jumped up on that bed and there I was giving blood! Before I knew it, it was all over and that feeling that I might have just helped someone was indescribable!

I truly encourage everyone to donate blood..such a simple process can make the biggest difference!

I would also like to thank DSC since I don’t think I would have donated if it weren’t for your phone call. Keep up the great work! 🙂

3 thoughts on ““I don’t think I would have donated if it weren’t for your phone call.” – Suzie Khoury

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