It’s nearly 4 o’clock in the morning. Waves of young happy faces are making their way out of one of Lebanon’s most popular bars. As sleepy and tired as they might be, they can’t but recall three things: the date, the location and the cause.

More than 1000 people gathered with Donner Sang Compter under the fading summer stars, partying till the Skybar forcedly went to sleep, after relishing one of its biggest nights of the year, on September the 3rd.

This traditional event, organized for the second year in a row and considered by the NGO itself its biggest fundraiser of the twelvemonth, aimed at launching the “Mobile Blood Bank” project, hoping with it to revolutionize the blood donation system in the country.

This plan consists of a bus proper to the NGO itself, to be procured with the help of the funds collected during this night. It will be circulating across companies, universities and faraway towns, taking blood on the spot from those who wish to, while promoting the organization, its cause and the importance of donating blood.

With this event, Donner Sang Compter concludes a very busy and successful summer with the “World Blood Donor Day” conference on June the 13th and the big Forum de Beyrouth gathering on the 24th, followed by a hugely acclaimed blood drive on the 12th of last month, on the occasion of Ramadan at CityMall, responding to the blood banks’ shortages across the country.

The NGO would like to thank for the occasion all the volunteers, the Skybar staff, the performers, the technicians, and the sponsors who collaborated with it on this glorious Skybar night and its other events along the year, promising a special fall ahead with the “Mobile Blood Bank” and many more projects to come.




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