Last year, and more precisely on the 18th of April 2011, Donner Sang Compter organized a conference at the Rotana Hotel for the heads and personnel of 40+ blood banks, to find ways to motivate both new and regular donors!

One of DSC’s suggestions, was the importance of offering free juice and cookies to the donor after the donation in order not to feel dizzy afterwards.

Another suggestion was the importance of offering “Free Parking Vouchers” to those donors who devote their time and energy to donate blood or platelets.

On October 12, we knew that the administration of Hotel Dieu de France has accepted this suggestion, and now all DSC donors can benefit from Free Parking for up to 2 hours if they donate!

All you have to do is park your car inside the HDF parking, and ask the blood bank’s technician for the voucher after donating!

We are confident that such initiative, as small as some might think it is, will make a big difference to the blood donor and will make the person feel much more appreciated for the selfless and generous act done! 🙂

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