It’s not the first time DSC chose to run the Beirut Marathon.

Back in 2009, we had an awesome appearance with many responding to our calls and joining us with their signs and good humor to stand for the cause, and help DSC spread awareness in such a great event.

The same happened this year, on Sunday, November 11, but on a larger scale, as numbers grew bigger, and the excitement too.

With big balloons, cheer leaders, a DSC stand, our touring mascots as well as many celebrities and groups supporting the blood donation cause, it was overall a very successful participation.

The event was also marked by the celebration of the NGO’s “30,000 Facebook fans” milestone.

Thank you Malia group, Cynthia Karam, Mike Massy, as well as everyone who ran with DSC on this day!

Here’s a lovely video of the DSC cheering station:

Pictures of the event can be seen at this location.

See you next year!

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