Cynthia El Khoury

40 days ago, we lost an angel of ours, a member of the DSC family.

We share with you for the occasion her last words for the NGO, and each and every donor who helped her during her fight:

“After getting into hospital, I didn’t expect that  I’m going to need many units of blood and more than 9 platelets’ transfusions. Finding people to donate was very hard if DSC wasn’t here to help.

With DSC being right next to me during this phase and helping in fulfilling my blood and platelets demands made me feel safe!

You might not understand what I’m talking about, but having motivated and courageous volunteers willing to donate is saving patients’ lives.

Having DSC encouraging for donation is raising awareness and changing lives, but this change could not happen without having you, blood donors, believing and supporting the DSC cause.

On behalf of all patients that you saved, I would like to thank DSC and every single donor for the help.

Cynthia El Khoury”

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