Mag - Fall 2012 Issue

After your great feedback concerning the first Fall 2012 issue of our FREE “The Blood Brothers” magazine, we’re offering it for download as a digital copy here.

If you’re willing to keep a copy of it, we’ll be distributing it at any blood drive, stand or event we’ll be having.

It is also available at many university campuses including, so far:

– UL Fanar, Faculty of Science:

UL Fanar

– USJ FSE, Cafeteria:


– USJ Huvelin, Cafeteria:

USJ Huvelin

– USJ CSH, Hall:


It is also available at Virgin Megastore – ABC Achrafieh & CityMall (In The Free Magazines’ section) and at our office in Dekwaneh, near Crédit Libanais, Centre Nehmé, 3rd Floor.

Virgin ABC Achrafieh

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