Balamand Blood Drive

On Wednesday, May the 8th, we traveled all the way to the North to hold a special blood drive at the Balamand university in Koura, and boy it was worth it!

61 awesome students courageously donated blood, some defying their fears and feeling the pride of saving lives for the first time, while others were very happy to see us visiting their place and encouraged their friends to try this great feeling!


We would like to thank for the occasion the wonderful Saint Georges hospital blood bank staff and the Balamand Red Cross Youth department, who accompanied us during this drive and contributed to its success! 😀

You can check the event’s photos here and here.

Let’s see how they fared in our overall “Universities Blood Drives” fun competition!

University Blood Drives (4)

A very respectable 4th place! Well done Balamand Koura! Until next time!

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