WBDD 2013

On Friday, June 14, our annual WBDD conference took place at the Monroe Hotel in Beirut, and was attended by our dear fans and volunteers. It featured many emotional testimonials and the honor of our Top 100 donors, alongside the unveiling of our upcoming projects.

2013 WBDD Blood Drive

On the occasion of this 2013 edition of the WBDD, we also organized at the Zaitunay Bay a 3-day blood drive from June 14 to June 16, over which we managed to collect 158 units potentially saving more than 470 people’s lives!

Concomitantly, a photo exhibition entitled “One Blood”  by Hady Sy launched at the lower promenade of Le Yacht Club and will be going on till the end of August.

2013 WBDD Photo Exhibition

You can check the conference’s photos here, the ones related to the Zaitunay blood drive here and those concerning the photo exhibition at this location.

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