2013 Skybar Fundraiser

On Monday, July 29, around 1300 fans and followers of DSC set the SKYBAR Beirut on fire, attending our “Sky Full Of Donors” fundraiser and having the time of their lives while supporting the blood donation cause in Lebanon.

It is because of you we were able to buy our first “Mobile Blood Bank” last year, and with the money gathered last week, we’re planning to expand our horizons even more.

We would like to thank all of the sponsors, including our platinum (El Hajjar Enterprises Co. (H.E.C)), our golden (Deek Duke) and our silver (Purell) ones, as well as the tombola collaborators, the volunteers, the SKYBAR Beirut management, and most importantly you, dear fans, from the bottom of our hearts, for responding that beautifully to our fundraiser.

Another wave of applause goes to the fantastic performers of the night, including Lara, Rain On My Parade and Paola Ibrahim, the Noir Mekanik team, the Uf Concepts and the Beirut Juggles! We couldn’t have done it without your magical touches!

Make sure to check the photos of the night at this location.

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