The USJ’s CIS, CSM and CST campuses received us for blood drives during the month of February.

CISOn the 19th, while the country faced yet another bombing, we had 33 courageous volunteers donate blood, contributing to the help of around 100 people in need, during the blood drive we organized at the USJ’s Campus de l’innovation et du sport (CIS).

“Enough Bombing. One Blood”
A lovely way to respond to all the terrorist attempts around!

At this drive, we also introduced our new pins, delighting the donors, who wore them proudly.

You can check the photo album here.

CSMA week later, on the 25th, 23 volunteers defied the treacherous weather conditions and helped save around 70 lives at the USJ’s CSM! The photos of the event can be seen at this location.


And finally, on the last Friday of February, we headed over to the Mansourieh region, to have a blood drive at the ESIB campus!

And what a wonderful response we had from the students!
Not a chair empty and not one hesitating to donate!

Some wonderful shots taken at the drive can be checked here.

Thank you for the great support you keep showing us every time we come back to your campuses USJ!

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