chocolate egg

Frankly now, who doesn’t love chocolate?

This Easter, we are giving you the best excuse to help you savor this sweet!

“Eating dark chocolate could be the key to preventing a national blood shortage during the holidays.”

The message was first delivered by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service in 2013, promoting their cause in a clever way, to help fulfill their annual extra 8000 Easter needs.

“Dark chocolate contains around three times more iron than red meat. And if you have it with a glass of orange juice, you’ll absorb it better, too,” says the Blood service spokeswoman Kathy Bowlen.

“This Easter we’ll need all the help we can, so we’re encouraging people to eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, especially if they’re planning on giving blood.”

Iron-rich food are super essential for all blood donors, since iron is a major component of red blood cells, helping regenerate them, and hence recovering the amount lost during the donation more quickly.

Easter, same as Christmas, are always a tough time in Lebanon and the world to find donors.

People go on a break, but the need for blood never takes one 🙂

Register today and help save a life. Who knows whose Easter bunny you’ll be this holiday?


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