The endless blood appeals that pop up on our social media platforms have made nowadays potential blood donors residing in Lebanon ignore most of them, in a country where the replacement system of blood donations throws all the burden on patients’ families to provide blood for their loved ones…
Donner Sang Compter (DSC) is a Lebanese non-profit organization that was born as a result of the blood demand hassles in the country. Facing this inconvenient truth 7 years after its official establishment, DSC decided to get the help of the Lebanese expatriates distributed across the world to raise the alarm about the blood crisis in their homeland.

Billboards in Germany, Canada, USA, Brazil and Ghana screened fake urgent blood demands – written in Arabic – for people in need in Lebanon. The message also included the hashtag of the campaign #الحل_بايدك
Volunteers, supporters of Lebanese origins and friends of Lebanese took images of these demands as well, after hanging them near famous worldwide landmarks.
The buzz that was created generated a lot of debate, and people were curious to know what this campaign was all about and who was behind it. Some even raised question marks and directed the messages to entities related to the blood donation sector in hope of getting some answers. (Check photo album)
The big reveal took place on Thursday, the 23rd of Marchwhen DSC’s founder, Yorgui Teyrouz, spoke live on social media to adopt this campaign and discuss the motives behind it.

DSC hopes, following this message, that all concerned governmental entities, hospitals and potential blood donors would reconsider dealing with this crisis more seriously, in the hope of achieving a total voluntary blood donation system in Lebanon soon.

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