This week includes one of the most important occasions for blood donors around the world, the World Blood Donor Day (WBDD), which falls on the 14th of June of every year!

Initiated in 2002 by the World Health Organization (WHO), this International occasion aims to thank all volunteer blood donors for their heroic and selfless acts.

Particularly in Lebanon, the blood donation system counts on patients and their families to secure the needed blood donors/units for any type of surgeries or treatments… Thus, almost all blood donors are donating blood for targeted patients, and if by any chance they are only donating voluntarily for no specific case, they get rejected!

Our organization aims not to point fingers at who is responsible for such cases happening with blood donors every day, but we just wanted to appreciate the efforts done specifically by people that wanted to help, but were told that “there is no more need” for their donations!

Those are heroes, that leave all work and studies behind, benefit from the little time off they have and head to blood banks to try and save people…

Even though you get frustrated when you are refused, we want to say THANK YOU, and keep on trying to donate blood!

Happy World Blood Donor Day 2018


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