Dearest hero,

Having joined Donner Sang Compter in 2017, there is no doubt that my life changed for the better. One may wonder how a simple act of volunteering could have such a dramatic effect, and the answer to that has to do more with internal aspects than external ones.

Ask me a few months prior to when this took place to present in front of such a grand crowd and I’d have kindly rejected the offer. A great sense of self-confidence has grown within thanks to the importance of communication when volunteering.

Joining an NGO provides you with a room of benefits, including a sense of family and belonging; the friends you make are lifelong, and with them different backgrounds and cultures to learn about.

Two of the many friends I’ve made at Donner Sang Compter!

A few characteristics I’ve learned include better communication, better time-management, and most importantly, respect for all. I don’t view my inclusion as simply extra-help, but instead an additional family member. I hold great thanks for Donner Sang Compter, and the transformation that has come from it.

Whether you (wish to) volunteer at DSC or elsewhere, I highly stress on the importance of putting a hand in whenever you can. To volunteer means to give from your heart with no expectation of anything in return.

You know you are home when not only is it a cause you’re fighting for but also a family you’re doing it with.


Rani ❤️


If you wish to join Rani and many others in helping make a change, then please click on the following link: Welcome to the Family!

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