Myra Khalife, a fellow advocate of blood donation shares with us her journey towards fulfilling an act she whole-heartedly perceives as fundamental, informing us of her reason alongside an invitation to follow suit. Moreover, we are welcomed with a dose of motivation in-between the lines to never give up. On behalf of Donner Sang Compter, we thank you dear Myra for voicing the importance of blood donation in addition to the willingness to share your story.

“I had never thought about blood donation until I came across Donner Sang Compter. Seeing the dedication, consistency, and strong belief of others towards the cause, I realized it was selfless to give a part of you to someone you don’t know — irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, color, identity, or religion.

That had caused me to feel included whenever a blood donation, of my blood type, was in need of⏤coming in the form of a moral obligation to at least try. I had a misconception that only a few people (e.g. those who had never experienced any medical issues) were eligible to respond to such requests. Though, taking a step back for a look at the bigger picture, it came to me: by default, we are all donors; apart from some very specific conditions, nothing should stop us from spreading awareness and/or donating if we have the proper knowledge of the cause concerning who may and may not donate blood, let alone when. So, I decided try.

From the first effort, which was turned down due to my hematocrit levels, to my operation back in 1998, I kept trying until three oh-so-fulfilling words were said to me, “Lady, you’re good to go!”

The 27th of March is a very meaningful date to me. Not only is it about the patient I might have helped, but paying it forward after being a blood receiver myself 2 decades ago gave the whole experience a different taste.

Giving blood expands the chain of human beings who give without expecting anything in return, and reinforces the idea that we all have a common denominator colored in red; no matter the timezone or place that sets us apart, we are all connected.

I have marked my calendar and will be expecting a call from Donner Sang Compter on May 22nd for a second blood donation!”

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