Dear DSC,


I joined your ranks on a certain day in October 2009, as a passionate innocent kid who had just started med school.

10 years later, I leave it as a graduated doctor and almost a neurosurgeon. Yes, that’s how much it lasted.

Summing up a decade of my life with you is tougher than any exam I ever took.

You’ve been a breath of fresh air in my 20s, shaping me up into the man I have become today.

You gave me the privilege of witnessing with you, and mostly through the eyes of your ever-growing fan base, the love and humanitarian side many Lebanese – including myself – ignored they ever had.

You also taught me about the agony and struggle people face when seeking their basic rights, the need for blood.

I’ve seen you grow, throughout the seasons, and endlessly monitored your super busy social media platforms.

Eventually, I was there to witness your milestones and heartbreaks, and reply to your ever-growing fanbase’s thousands of messages.

I came to know your followers behind the curtains, sharing their stories, their laughs and their cries of despair.

I’ve crossed so many paths with you, and with hundreds of volunteers I met along the way, we pushed you even higher and will keep on doing so. Because our country deserves NGOs like you.

Thank you for every tear,

Thank you for every laughter,

Thank you for every friendship,

Thank you for 10 years of love, volunteering and social media managing.

It’s been an honor serving you and your wonderful president Yorgui Teyrouz.

But at the end of every wild journey, the engine tires and the car runs out of fuel.


And now my watch has ended. My blood donations however, never will.

Fred Bteich

DSC’s social media admin

October 2009 – August 2019


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