June 14 is a very special day to us as we celebrate on World Blood Donor Day our beautiful donors who selflessly give of themselves for unknown patients in need. This year was even more special as we were humbled by the overwhelming response of a record-high number of 1500 donors during lockdown. Undeterred by a global pandemic, they proved how we still have each other to count on for a brighter tomorrow no matter how hard and dark times get.  

This year, we decided to surprise our donors by waiting for them outside the blood bank as they completed their donations for a well-deserved standing ovation and words of encouragement to show them our appreciation for everything they are doing. We know very well that members of the Donner Sang Compter community, in line with our mission,are never asking for anything in return. However, we feel it is our duty to remind those who are donating a pint of their blood and those who are trying their best to – unfortunately to no avail – that the sacrifice they are making is not only saving lives but is most importantly instilling hope within a community that is in dire need of it.

So, dear donors,

Today, we celebrate humanity in its purest forms, your selfless commitment to sacrifice with a brave smile, 

Today, we celebrate every fear of needle you overcome, the smiles you draw on a stranger’s face,

Today, we celebrate the times you tried but couldn’t, and your unshaken will to go back and try again, 

Today, we celebrate the light you keep radiating, when everything around is getting darker by the day, 

Today, we celebrate the foundation of our movement, the change you are unknowingly leading,

Today, we celebrate YOU!

Thank you for every drop of hope you reinstate with every drop of blood you give ❤

HAPPY #WorldBloodDonorDay !


A very special THANK YOU to:

Hotel-Dieu de France for their continuous support in our mission,
Yara El Daher for beautifully capturing this special moment with her lens,
Elie Kamal for donating his time and resonant voice.

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