It all started in 2008, when a group of young Lebanese scouts, determined to find a solution to blood needs in the country, decided to start an NGO that would provide blood to patients in need through a centralized database of potential donors.

Month after month, the project developed and since 2010, “Donner Sang Compter” is an established non-profit non-governmental organization, fulfilling hundreds of blood demands every month via its call center, and raising constant awareness about the cause.

Today, DSC holds a directory of around 15,000 donors and continues to expand its horizons by organizing blood drives with the help of a new mobile collection unit, and partnering with local hospitals to increase their daily blood needs.

Trivia: “Donner Sang Compter” or DSC comes from the French language.

The original expression, written with an “s” (Sans), is found in a scouts’ prayer, and means “to give without asking for anything in return.”

“Sang” with a “g” is French for “blood”, hence the play on words, and the NGO’s name.

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