Intention speaks louder than Action: A Hero’s Words

Myra Khalife, a fellow advocate of blood donation shares with us her journey towards fulfilling an act she whole-heartedly perceives as fundamental, informing us of her reason alongside an invitation to follow suit. Moreover, we are welcomed with a dose of motivation in-between the lines to never give up. On behalf of Donner Sang Compter, […]

Our trip to Al Naqab

Sitting on the outskirts of Beirut, Al Naqab⏤created in 2013⏤strives to provide a safe haven for Palestinian children and adolescents. Lasting for around five hours, the day flourished with the painting of walls, cleansing of rooms, categorization of books⏤all in which the heartwarming children assisted⏤and of course games to bring smiles not only their faces […]

A Letter from a Blood Drop

Dearest hero, Having joined Donner Sang Compter in 2017, there is no doubt that my life changed for the better. One may wonder how a simple act of volunteering could have such a dramatic effect, and the answer to that has to do more with internal aspects than external ones. Joining an NGO provides you […]