Zeinoun Nabulsi wins Takreem Social Media Award for his video on DSC

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O19CZUVRoj8 Zeinoun Nabulsi was awarded in October 2011 the Takreem Social Media Award for his video on Donner Sang Compter. The contest aimed to get young social media users, bloggers and internet savy people to come to the American University of Beirut and work for two hours to come up with a presentation about a … Continue reading Zeinoun Nabulsi wins Takreem Social Media Award for his video on DSC

Opt for safe blood donations!

Even though donating and receiving blood is an extremely safe procedure, there are always potential risks that need to be assessed and managed with regards to the patients and the donors. Safety does not begin and end at the blood banks and hospitals, patients and donors have an important role to play as well. The … Continue reading Opt for safe blood donations!

What’s in your blood?

When your donation is received, it is separated into individual components with a machine called a centrifuge. The different components are red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma. Each and every one of them can be put to a different use. Red blood cells her main function is to distribute the oxygen to our body … Continue reading What’s in your blood?

Blood groups: A,B,O & co

There are four main blood types (A, B, AB and O), each blood type is either RhD positive or negative. The ABO Blood Group System If your blood type is A then you have the A antigen on your red cells. Blood type B means you have the B antigen, while type O has neither, … Continue reading Blood groups: A,B,O & co

Blood brings us closer

Team building is one of the most important exercises for a strong organization.  With this in mind, 18 members of DSC escaped to the quaint village of Baabdat for a long overdue team-building weekend on November 19th-20th, 2011. The group met on Saturday evening at the DSC home office in Dekwaneh to caravan up to … Continue reading Blood brings us closer

Welcome our new recruits!

Each week in universities, scout assemblies, and shopping malls across Lebanon, our faithful volunteers man our recruitment stands to attract new donors and volunteers while raising awareness about blood donation.    Since the ideal age of blood donors is between 18 and 30, we target youth-populated areas to attract young and healthy donors. The stands also … Continue reading Welcome our new recruits!

Our weekly assembly

Every Tuesday evening, the DSC office is filled with faces old and new as our volunteers gather to work together on projects, discuss past and future activities of the organization, celebrate special events, and to simply spend time together.  These weekly gatherings are a great way for people to get to know each other, especially … Continue reading Our weekly assembly

Our pandora boxes!

Want to be a hero?  No need to climb a towering inferno or have an alter ego.  You can be a hero and save someone’s life by registering to be a blood donor at one of our new and improved registration boxes.  We realize that you may have ignored our old, and rather unattractive, boxes … Continue reading Our pandora boxes!

The “blood brothers” bracelet

The Bulgarian tradition of Martenitsa involves tying a red string around one’s wrist for the mythical Baba Marta to end the bitter cold of winter and welcome the spring. In Hindu tradition, a red bracelet is worn to symbolize blessings and goodwill to the person it is offered to.  In ancient Chinese, the “red string … Continue reading The “blood brothers” bracelet