“Put yourselves in others’ shoes, you won’t consider it twice” recommends Fred

Weight at the limit I was always curious to try and donate, yet when reading the requirements faced the same problem over and over again. My weight was just over the limit for a guy (62 Kg, the minimum required being 60Kg) and I was always told I couldn’t donate in this case, until one […]

“Saving a life has never been so easy!” insists Samer

You just have to stay healthy Almost anyone with a clean medical history can give blood. You only need to visit the hospital for a couple of minutes and voilà! You just saved a life! Once a donor, always a donor! Definitely this is the most rewarding and effortless act of unselfishness. Those who donate […]

Khalil: “I believe in donating blood because I love that others may live.”

Parents encouraged me first During the 2006 summer war, my parents encouraged me to go to the nearest blood bank to donate blood because eventually, someone will need a blood transfusion, especially in times of war. A few months later, I met Yorgui so I registered my name with Donner Sang Compter (back then DSC […]

“We don’t need to have a medical degree to save lives” says Gabriel

Why don’t you try it? Money isn’t everything.. There’s something more important than money, clothes, shelter and food.. It’s blood.. We don’t need to have a medical degree to save lives.. We just need a fair degree of humanity.. Why don’t you try to do the simple act of giving blood? Stop making excuses.. Start […]

Tania’s first donation, on Valentine’s Day!

“I really thought I might not make it…” Today, on Valentine’s day, I did something I thought I would never ever do. I donated blood for the very first time! When I first registered to be a blood donor, I never really believed that I would have the  courage  to actually donate, but when I got the […]