A Tour Around 3 USJ Campuses In February!

The USJ's CIS, CSM and CST campuses received us for blood drives during the month of February.On the 19th, while the country faced yet another bombing, we had 33 courageous volunteers donate blood, contributing to the help of around 100 people in need, during the blood drive we organized at the USJ's Campus de l'innovation … Continue reading A Tour Around 3 USJ Campuses In February!

Can anyone challenge the ESIB blood drive?

After invading the CSM and Huvelin of the USJ, it was time to see what the CST students, and the ESIB faculty in particular, were made of! 😉 That's why we headed towards their campus on Wednesday, October 30 for a highly-anticipated blood drive. And by the end of the day, we ran out of … Continue reading Can anyone challenge the ESIB blood drive?

DSC makes a stop at Huvelin for its famous Blood Drive!



Who are they? For those who have been living under a rock lately, Donnez Sang Compter is a Lebanese NGO that promotes the cause of blood donation in Lebanon. They have created a huge network of healthy donors who are able to answer emergency calls when needed. Also, they spread awareness about their cause. You’d be surprised to find out how limited our knowledge is when it comes to blood donation (those of us not majoring in medicine of course). Who can donate? How many times a year? How does it affect the donor? Are the typical FAQ we obsess about. But we forget to ask how it will change the receiver’s life, and that is a life that will be saved. Imagine someone you love dearly that dies only because there wasn’t a matching donor available or it took too much time to find one. That’s a death that…

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